what can i offer?



I have over the years gained quite some experience in motivation, structured planning, prioritisation related to performance. I would gladly speak about the following topics:

  • Endurance sports in general

  • Triathlon specifically

  • Life as a profesional triathlete

  • Motivation 

  • Structure in training and everyday life

  • Nutrition

  • Mental strength

  • Winning Norseman

I am flexible, and can adapt the content based on your wishes. Don't hesitate to contact me for a chat!


Through organisational work in Norway's biggest triathlon team, Team Superba Krill, and organisation of training camps in Norway and abroad, I have gained experience in organising events like these. I would gladly hold teambuilding event for your business or team, related to sports and physical activity. I can offer the following:

  • Holding training session

  • Plan your training towards a common goal a marathon, triathlon etc.)

  • Contribute with tips and tricks throughout the process.



Are you interested in improving your fitness? Are you preparing for a goal or race you would like to perform well in? Whether it's triathlon, running or cross-country skiing, I can help you with the following:

  • Detailed day-to-day training plan

  • 1:1 physical guidance on some sessions

  • Technique sessions on swim, bike, run, skiing

  • General advice regarding training

  • Nutritional tips

Don't hesitate to send me an email, to see what I can do for you!